Cloud Routing

Easily manage heavy call volumes by routing calls to the location that can best answer them.

Ever-changing call volumes? No problem.

Ensure every call is answered with Atmosphere® Cloud Routing.

As call volumes and agent availability fluctuate, view real-time and historical metrics in the dashboard to determine which locations can handle taking more calls.

With the click of a mouse, instantly change call routes to send more calls to the location that is most available.

Features your business and customers will love


Design call routing patterns to match your demands. Choose from round robin, sequential, percent-based, geography-based, and time-based patterns


Manage all contact centers from a single location. Change call routes from one center to another at any time, instantly.


Easily track, rest, and re-allocate all of your phone numbers from different campaigns.


Listen in to any running call, monitor and compare agent and contact center performance.


Identify who callers are before you transfer to your agents by integrating with your CRM.

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Be prepared and quickly recover when problems pop up.

No one expects a disaster to strike, but if one should, use Atmosphere cloud routing to keep your operations running without skipping a beat.

Quickly route calls from the affected call center to your other working locations to make sure no call is abandoned.

Even if you have a percentage-based route set up, if a call isnít answered by the first location, it will automatically be routed to the next available one.

Cloud Routing Packages

Only pay for what you need.

Cloud Routing Usage

  • Configurable Routing
  • Virtual Administration
  • Toll Free Number Manager
  • Live Monitoring and Recording
  • CRM Integration

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