April 17, 2018

By: Steve Sida

It is no secret among those that know me that I am enthusiastic to experience the world around me on two wheels. Motorcycles recently became a large part of my life leading to many adventures, including a 15,000-mile journey through the Southwest and California on my first bike, a Kawasaki KLR 650. Although right now, I'm loving my BMW F 800 GS.

Steve Sida

The adventures have been fun and insightful, however, I missed interacting with colleagues and working with the products I have loved since starting in the video conferencing space over 20 years ago. I missed working with smart people to create innovative solutions that make people's lives better and companies more successful. Collaboration solutions can help people be highly effective at their jobs through the ability to meet "face-to-face" with teammates all over the world. This also allows people to be productive while also being able to create their own schedule to balance work and life, or attend a kid's soccer game.

IntelePeer enables enterprises and their workers to do so much through the power of the business communications. Through IntelePeer's relationship with Cisco, we are able to power collaboration solutions such as Cisco Spark. Which leads me to my next adventure.

On April 18th and 19th, Cisco is conducting their Collaboration Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which is 795 miles away from Phoenix which is the perfect riding distance and landscape. I am attending Cisco Collaboration Summit and I am using Cisco Spark and other collaboration solutions to stay connected and productive while riding and doing what I love.

Stay tuned to IntelePeer's social media and blog for updates about my trip and the Cisco Collaboration Summit throughout the week.

Steve Sida